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Get Your Vape On (Post-production)

Observational doc short Co-Producer/Director/Camera/Editor with Katie Hindley (Rogan Productions) 

An exploration of the community that has formed around Bibi’s Vape Gear in Essex and the impact on the lives of the men drawn to it.

It's Always Sunny in Berlin - web series in development with Izzy Bautista (Toronto) in Toronto and S.Ly (Chicago)

The series follows the intersecting journeys of a group of exchange students in Berlin. Outsiders, whose search for a place in the city reflects a more profound quest for belonging. A young trans woman from Canada, finds an unexpectedly tender tryst transforms her idea of who romance is and isn’t for. An uncertain Londoner is chasing the cool kids. When she finally finds her way into the ‘scene’ she’s rapidly abandoned. Seemingly endangered, she’s rescued not by those she’d like to consider friends, but strangers – foreigners like herself.”